Product development

With our knowledge and use of modern computer programs, we can help you to bring your product from product idea to realization. We know very well that following modern trends in technology and science is crucial in the development of new innovative products. In order to acquire new knowledge, we cooperate with various research and educational institutions.

  • 3D modeling of products and assemblies

  • Computer simulations of assembly operation

  • Preparation of technical documentation

Development evaluation

In our company we specialize in the use of the most powerful software for virtual evaluation of the most demanding engineering problems. We have many years of experience in performing various analyses. We offer:

Numerical model preparation

We are aware that the quality of the results of virtual analyses depends on the right preparation of the finite element mesh. It is possible to prepare a whole numerical model in classical FEM solvers, but they can be too rigid for specific problems. Using specialized software, we can prepare a numerical model that will be suitable for further processing:

  • Preparation of surface mesh of finite elements

  • Preparation of volume mesh of finite elements

  • Preparation of  whole assemblies (welds, screw connections, glued joints…) – correct interaction between individual components of the assembly is crucial for correct numerical calculation

  • Elasto-plastic analyses of individual products or entire assemblies (calculation of product stiffness, analysis of static loads below the yield point, consideration of plastic material properties).

  • Simulations of heat transfer and its influence on the stress strain state.

  • Simulation of the welding process – calculation of assembly deformation and residual stresses.

  • Durability calculation of an individual product

  • Simulations of collisions and products subject to large deformations.

  • Analysis of the dynamic response of the system (calculation of natural frequencies, shapes and dynamic stiffness).

  • Analysis of plastic products


Performing virtual simulations is not enough in itself, as the quality of the results of numerical simulations strongly depends on the input parameters of the material. If we want to make the best use of the material we want to use in a particular product, we must be sure that we know its key material characteristics. With the help of our partners, we can measure key material parameters that will help you in product design and implementation and understanding of numerical simulations.

  • Tensile tests to obtain an engineering curve.

  • High Cycle Fatigue Testing – obtaining the Wöhler Curve

  • Low Cycle Fatigue Testing

  • Prototype testing

  • Other tests at the request


Despite the remarkable progress of numerics and computer tools, a certain number of prototypes are still made in engineering practice, with which we can confirm the functionality of our product in the final stage. We can organize and coordinate the production of prototypes from various materials and technologies for you.

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